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Bill and Joe speak about SMART on “The Humanist Hour” talk show

Bill and Joe spoke with Bo Bennett on “The Humanist Hour” talk show about SMART Recovery. You can listen to and/or download the podcast via:  From their website: The Humanist Hour is a monthly one-hour talk show produced by the American Humanist Association. Co-hosted by Kim Ellington and Bo Bennett, every episode explores a different area Continue Reading

Book Review of Vodka Politics

Book Review of Vodka Politics by Ted Alston, SMART Recovery facilitator There is much play on the word “power” in discussions of addiction and recovery. Labor under the heavy influence of alcohol can propagate disempowering serfdom, and powerful tyrants have deliberately or unwittingly manipulated people into becoming addicted consumers. Accordingly, there are generally important lessons Continue Reading

Paired Recovery

PAIRED RECOVERY By Bill Abbott and Suzy W., Facilitators at McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA Suzy and I are facilitators for both regular SMART Recovery® meetings and a Family and Friends meeting. This time we write about Family and Friends. Our Family and Friends meeting was started in January 2013. We call the participants who attend, Continue Reading


Definitions some may find powerful and useful: Addiction is where one modifies one’s values to align with one’s behavior Recovery is where one modifies one’s behavior to align with one’s values. Think about it


McMindfulness This is an interesting recent critique which adds new emphasis to the dangers of McMindfulness. The following was originally posted by Bill Abbott on 7/27/2014 at 9:16 AM Warning. This article alerts us to a very real concern: My concern here, as echoed in the article, is that as the mindfulness movement sweeps the United Continue Reading

Is this your brain on drugs?

One thing all recovery communities can agree on—whether you call addictive behavior a disease, a character defect, or a choice—is that it is a very bad, intractable habit. Most of us don’t have a clue about how profoundly the addiction is connected to the learning and reward centers in the brain—until we seek help and Continue Reading


Spirituality is considered by many to be an important component of SMART Recovery. And especially in living a balanced and hence better life. Does spirituality complement the science-basis of the SR program? At the outset let it be clearly stated that although SMART Recovery does support that the concepts of spirituality can be an important Continue Reading

Risk Factors for Relapse

Risk Factors for Relapse Over the course of time I’ve observed several sets of circumstances that seem to increase the risk of a person with an addictive problem to sustain a relapse – that is, falling back to the former behavior. I must honestly state that this is an observational piece and I am not Continue Reading

Some Truths About Cannabis

I, like many, was surprised when the New York Times came out in support of the legalization of marijuana aka cannabis. This is not the place to debate that issue i.e. the pros and cons. However, I link here to one of the editorials on legalization as the information in the article about the drug itself is accurate Continue Reading