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Tips For New Facilitators

·       You can’t be all things to all people
·       You can’t cover everyone/everything even in a modest sized meeting
·       People relapse in spite of your best efforts – it’s them and not you
·       Keep it simple
·       Remember that SMART Recovery® is solution focused, not problem focused as in AA
·       Let the group decide on the meeting’s direction unless it gets counterproductive or totally off topic
·       Avoid AA bashing. It works for some, it doesn’t work for others, we encourage participants to do what works for them
·       Avoid most discussion on medication
·       Avoid debate on the disease vs. bad habit issue. Whether you believe addiction is a disease or not SMART has tools that can help
·       Try to use at least one SR tool at every meeting… on the white board if possible
·       You don’t (can’t) know everything… If there is something you don’t know say so and that you will try to find out
·       Be in Motivation Enhancement mode at all times
·       Don’t be dogmatic, authoritarian, pedantic or “coercive”. Be open-minded, allow participants to come to their own conclusions, use common language, communicate SMART tools and information and meet the participant where they are in their process
·       Don’t ever tell people what they NEED to do; let them figure it out
·       Remember, the only really important thing about someone’s first meeting is that they want to and will come back for their second meeting!

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